Cher Is Escorting “World’s Loneliest Elephant” From Pakistan To Cambodia

Kavaan, a 35-year-old, has a powerful advocate.

Cher, the singer, actress, and early Joe Biden supporter met with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday. She was not there to discuss foreign policy or an international cultural exchange, but the well-being of Kavaan, a 35-year-old elephant who has lived most of his life at the Islamabad Zoo.

The not-so-hot conditions there inspired a campaign to have the pachyderm released, a cause Cher has been involved with since 2016. She has sent representatives to the zoo in the past to check up on the animal, tweeting updates to her 3.8 million followers.

When the high court announced in May that Kavaan would be freed, she called it “one of the greatest moments of my life.”

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