CFF Prisoner’s Mom Makes Plea to Hun Sen

The mother of a man sent to prison on charges that he is a terrorist with the Cambodian Free­dom Fighters has written a letter to Prime Minister Hun Sen and Minister of Interior Sar Kheng asking for her son’s freedom. 

Chhorm Samy asked the premier to free her son because she said no one would reject Hun Sen’s order. Chhorm Samy has been pushing for her son’s re­lease, previously forcing through crowds at the Independ­ence Day celebrations to ask King Noro­dom Si­hanouk for help. She was whisk­ed away by guards after a brief conversation with the King.

Her 29-year-old son, Duong So­pheap, struck what he thought was a deal with government officials to testify against CFF members in return for immunity from prosecution. He sought an am­nesty from the King after turning himself in to Cambo­dian auth­orities in Thailand.

Duong Sopheap was convicted of illegal membership in the CFF and sentenced to seven years in prison. Earlier this month, the Su­preme Court convicted 26 rebels, including Duong Sopheap, sentencing them to from 3 to 15 years  for their involvement in a botched raid last Nov 24 in which at least four people were killed.





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