Census Deportees Rise Dramatically Since October

More than 1,000 people living illegally in Cambodia—including 900 Vietnamese—have now been deported as the national census nears its end, an immigration official said Tuesday.

Uk Heisela, chief of investigation at the Interior Ministry’s immigration department, said a total of 1,168 foreigners from 25 countries have been arrested since the census began in July, including 80 Chinese, 17 Bangladeshis, 16 North Koreans, 10 South Koreans and 12 Nigerians.

“Some among them had passports but they were living in Cambodia with expired passports…but most Vietnamese people came to live in Cambodia without passports,” Mr. Heisela said, adding that more than 600 of the illegal Vietnamese migrants were found residing in Phnom Penh.

He said that 1,090 people had already been returned home and that 78 were still in detention awaiting deportation.

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