Cargo-Carrying Vehicles Charged at Toll Booth

All types of vehicles transporting merchandise between Siha­nouk­ville and Phnom Penh had to pay tolls for the first time Wednesday, Hea You Sun, director of the Passenger Transport As­­socia­tion, said Thursday.

Small transport vehicles, such as cars and vans are now re­quired to pay $1.10. Larger transport vehicles that weigh up to 1.5 tons now have to pay a tax of $1.65 to use the road.

Trucks heavier than 1.5 tons now have to pay a toll of $2.50, plus a 10 percent value add­ed tax, and large tanker trucks or trucks hauling containers have to pay $6.30, plus the VAT to use the road.

Hea You Sun said that the government has decided to waive the tax on passenger buses for at least one year. Minibuses and tax­is will also not be required to pay the toll, but if those vehicles are used to transport goods rather than people, they will be required to pay the fee. Taxis transporting goods as well as people will also have to pay the toll, he said.

Sam Rainsy Party lawmaker Son Chhay criticized the government for not requiring all drivers to pay the tolls until next year, call­ing it a CPP vote-getting ploy.

Son Chhay also criticized the private firm AZ, which is renovating Route 4, saying that its in­volvement in the project drives up the price of the tolls.


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