Capital Plans Compost Project

Phnom Penh officials have an­noun­ced a two-year pilot project to turn garbage into fertilizer.

Heng Nareth, director of the pol­lution control department for the Ministry of Environment, said a $40,000 grant from the Ger­­man government will be used to process compost on a 2,000- square-meter piece of land at the municipal garbage dump.

According to Chiep Siv­orn, di­rector of the municipality’s Envi­ronment Department, organic gar­bage from vegetable stands at Deum Kor market in Tuol Kok district will be turned into compost. The trash needs to be sorted at the market before it goes to the compost processing site.

Three German experts met with government officials recently to discuss the project, which does not yet have a start-up date.

The current dump in Mean­chey district is overloaded, and the municipality is considering moving it to a new site. The Eba­ra Corporation of Jap­an has said it now wants to study the feasibility of setting up a processing plant that can turn trash into fertilizer.


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