Cannibalism Cases Resolved

Kompong Thom provincial police met Tuesday for their annual review, disturbed but re­lieved at clearing up two separate incidents of cannibalism this year.

“It is very strange,” Deputy Police Chief Pen Chansoren said of the cases in which victims were slain and then cannibalized by their killers.

A Kompong Thom provincial judge sentenced former Khmer Rouge soldier Hoeung Horn, 32, to 18 years in prison for the Sept 23, 2000, slaying of his friend Kim Khoeun, 30. Authorities said Hoeung Horn ate his friend’s liver after shooting him dead during a drunken argument.

Kin Khoeun threatened to tell au­thorities about Hoeung Horn’s hidden AK-47 assault rifle, Pen Chansoren said. Hoeung Horn took out the assault rifle and shot his friend seven times. He then chopped up Kim Khoeun’s body, ripping out the dead man’s liver, which he fried and ate with rice wine, Pen Chansoren said.

When police arrested Hoeung Horn in February, he was calm when describing the crime, Pen Chansoren said.

In the second incident, Prum Chhie, Sous Nang and Sath Sak killed their neighbors Prum Phan, Soun Yam and Koy Mom, in a 1997 dispute over mis­sing goods, Kompong Thom police officer Khim Ven said.

Prum Chhie, Sous Nang, and Sath Sak gunned down the victims, then cut out Prum Phan’s liver, fried it, and ate it with rice wine, Khim Ven said.

Police arrested Prum Chhie this year, and a provincial judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison. Sous Nang and Sath Sak remain at large, Khim Ven said.


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