Canadian National Head of Company Being Sued

The Commerce Ministry has identified a Canadian national as the director of a plantation company being sued by the Ministry of En­­vironment for its operations in Botum Sakor National Park in Koh Kong province, an Environ­ment Ministry lawyer said.

The Commerce Ministry provided the Environment Ministry with Lam Shuk Ching’s picture and Hong Kong address, identifying her as the person in charge of the beleaguered Green Rich Co Ltd, lawyer Ket Khy said Tuesday.

“I will send this report to the [Koh Kong provincial] court to in­vestigate,” Ket Khy said. How­ever, he said that the Com­merce Min­is­try was unable to produce a copy of her passport.

“It have only [her] photo and ad­dress,” he said.

Ket Khy had requested the in­formation when a court case against Green Rich stalled after In­vesti­ga­ting Judge Chheng Bunly asked Ket Khy to find out who was actually in charge of the company.

Green Rich was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit from the En­vi­ron­ment Ministry for allegedly constructing an illegal road and cutting forest outside the company’s concession in Botum Sakor.

But the case was sent back to the Environment Ministry in March because the court complaint named the wrong person.

Criminal charges were originally brought against a man named Nhean Chov for breach of trust and harming the environment in the park, but he was later found to be the company’s former chairman.

A Canadian Embassy official said she was unaware of Lam Shuk Ching or any case against her.


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