Cambodia’s Siem Reap, Home of Angkor Wat, Bans Dog Meat Trade

Siem Reap becomes the first city in Cambodia to ban its dog meat trade, following the footsteps of other regions, including three cities in China.

The sale and consumption of dogs is now banned in Siem Reap, making it the first province in Cambodia to pass such a ban. Earlier this month, the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestries, and Fisheries issued a letter outlawing the dog meat trade, which involves approximately 7,000 dogs per month most of whom are drowned, stabbed, and hanged and sold across Cambodia to be consumed for their meat. Less than 12 percent of Cambodians regularly consume dog meat, according to research conducted by South Africa-based animal-rights group FOUR PAWS, which has worked with the Cambodian government since 2018 to end the country’s dog meat trade.

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