Cambodia’s sewer press

The Khmer Times reckons it is the ruling party’s attack dog, but it lacks the teeth and intelligence for this task.

If you have a half-witted thought that conforms with the views of the Cambodian government, the first person to contact is T Mohan, not only the publisher of the Khmer Times newspaper but also, I hear, its de facto opinion editor.

And if you want to write your doggerel, you don’t even need to face the embarrassment of putting your name to it. Mohan, who for years has (“allegedly”) written articles under several assumed names, is more than happy to publish your work under pseudonyms.

That’s the reason readers of the Khmer Times – including those who forked out 4,000 riel (US$1) for a print copy, more than the price of a far less brain-numbing mug of Anchor beer – would have been able to read on December 4 an article by “Thomas Fowler.”

In full:

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