Cambodia’s OK for Y2K

With special task forces combating the year 2000 computer bug, low-tech Cambodia entered the millennium without any disruption in air flights, telecommunication or power services, accor­d­ing to task force officials.

The State Secretariat of Civil Aviation, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, private telecommunication operators and Electricite de Cambodge all deployed Y2K teams in various stations on the New Year’s Eve, as a precaution to deal with any problems that might have oc­curred during the critical time at the turning of the century. On New Year’s Day, no crucial problems were reported from any of those agencies, agency officials said.

Air flights across the Asia-Pacific region traveled without incident, with no reports of troubles in landing or communications, said Chhun Sivoen, deputy director of the Civil Aviation’ Flights Safety department.

Three engineer-operator teams were deployed—at Pochentong and Siem Reap airports and at its headquarters on Friday and Saturday—to monitor the air control systems and communications between pilots and the control towers, Chhun Sivoen said. It also

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