Cambodia’s ‘Golden Arrow’ Comedian Dies

One of Cambodia’s well-known comedians died Friday, succumbing to Hepatitis B and C and malaria.  

Keo Neang, known by his nickname Prounh Meas, was one of three comedians to survive Khmer Rouge regime executions.

“My sorrow is more than you can imagine,” Van Doc, the come­dian’s widow, said at the cre­mation ceremony at Wat Lang­ka. “We lost the breadwinner of the family.”

Prounh Meas, 62, would perform—with jokes, gestures and funny facial expressions—even when sick to bring money home to her and their seven children.

Prounh Meas, whose stage name means “golden arrow,” performed with the RCAF arts department, giving private performances and appearing in more than 30 video films. Van Doc said her husband was treated at home “as prescribed” by her nephew, a doctor.

“I have tried my best and spent a lot of money to have him cured,” she said.

Colleagues of the late comedian mourned the loss. Comedian Ung Bunny called him an “old hand.” Hang Soth, chief of the art department at the Ministry of Culture said he was sorry to lose a professional who worked for more than 40 years in comedy.

“To be born, get old, get sick and die is normal,” said Hang Soth. “But he is a diamond that we lost. He was posthumously promoted to the rank of major Sunday.



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