Cambodians Voted for Change in the July National Election

By Sam Inn

The Cambodian people made a choice on Sunday, July 28, a choice for their future and beautiful country. They made a wise choice. They chose hope over fear. They hope for democracy and a better life. Their voices clearly say that they want change, a change in the in­stitutional system of Cambodia.

They want to see a National Assembly that can hold the government accountable to the people, a reliable and fair justice system, an independent media, and better and clean public services. If the aspiration of change is not fulfilled, people will speak louder in the next elections.

The people of Cambodia have fulfilled a great duty as good citizens in the peaceful one-month campaign and made their choice on July 28. Now is the turn of the political leaders to make the right and wise choice.

Change is a law of nature, which governs the universe. Nobody can stop it. However, change takes time. Wise leaders understand and adapt to this law. The world values leaders who make peaceful change, as heroes, and condemns leaders who instigate change through violence and disaster. Cambodia is no exception.

These coming days and weeks will give people a good opportunity to judge the character and integrity of their leaders. Political leaders of both parties can make the decision to unite or divide the humble Khmer nation. History will judge what kind of leaders they are. If our leaders put the interests of the people first, we will be united and have peace and prosperity. They need to bear in mind that the future of the Cambodia’s children and the whole nation depends on their decision.

Sam Inn is the executive director of Life With Dignity, an NGO, in Phnom Penh.

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