Cambodian Startup Launches Facebook Search Engine Web App

A tech startup has taken advantage of the rise of Cambodia’s e-commerce industry and launched a new search engine for business information posted on Facebook.

The web app hosted on mines Facebook’s business profiles and presents data related to specified keywords.

Sok Sopheakmonkol, CEO of Codingate, the startup that created the online tool, said while not entirely new to the region—companies in Vietnam have similar products—the service is new to Cambodia.

“It is useful for businesses to know more about their competitors’ campaigns, as well as students to do research work related to business,” he said.

Using the app costs $15 for 30 days for students and $30 for businesses, the website says.

Keo Kounila, a public policy expert who also runs her own digital marketing business, said the “innovative” tool would benefit the digital marketing field in Cambodia.

But Chris McCarthy, CEO of marketing research firm Mango Tango, said that while useful, it might struggle to compete without more local customizations.

“If they can find a way to do some analysis on this data or add more data specific to Cambodia, this will help differentiate the product and make it more valuable,” he said.

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