Cambodian Social Media Users Enthralled by Family Dispute over Valuable Land

Facebook users are shocked by a court battle between an 84-year-old matriarch and her 61-year-old daughter for control over prime location land in Sihanoukville.

Sihanoukville – A family dispute over the ownership of a highly valuable plot of land in Sihanoukville has pitched an 84-year-old matriarch against her 61-year-old daughter, creating a family drama that has captured the attention of many Cambodian social media users.

The family members have sued each other and on March 8 the Sihanoukville Provincial Court ordered a family shop on the land closed down pending a final decision in the case.

In emotional scenes that were shared on Facebook, the octogenarian named Han Kak is seen crying in the shop and holding a portrait of Prime Minister Hun Sen, pleading with him to intervene in the court case to stop her daughter Deng Ang.

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