Cambodian Prime Minister Threatens to Cut Citizens Electricity if They Complain About Outages

Hun Sen’s comments came after he apparently read a news report where sources criticized the government over ongoing power shortages during the current heat wave.

Phnom Penh – Prime Minister Hun Sen on Tuesday threatened Cambodians who complain about regular power outages, that he would order the state provider to turn off their supply if they continued to voice their grievances.

In a speech in Kampot province, he said unnamed political analysts could see the restrictions imposed if they continued to make statements suggesting the outages were a ploy to provide a pretext for more hydropower development in the country.

“Let’s cut off electricity from those analysts’ houses, so they will know that power shortage was not an excuse to build more hydropower dams. He said we are making an excuse to build hydropower dams. They are too much. It is very unfair.”

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