Cambodian NGOs urge legal action over ‘misogynistic’ bullying

Woman journalist 'insulted and harassed' by a well-known media commentator as VOD is shuttered.

A group of 40 non-government organizations (NGOs) has urged the Cambodian government to take legal action against a well-known media commentator for “misogynistic” online attacks on a reporter amid the shutting down of an independent news outlet.

The diverse group included trade unions, human rights groups, Transparency International, Action Aid and Cambodian Youth Network who were angered by Pheng Vannak and a barrage of insults that were aimed at a female reporter from Voice of Democracy (VOD).

Of the many offensive quotes attributed to Pheng Vannak, the group of 40 singled out: “As a pretty young girl, but with a wild character… With such a cheap character, whoever marries you, would be finished….”

In full:

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