Cambodian-Made Films Flooding Cinemas

As far as anyone can seem to remember, Phnom Penh moviegoers for the first time can choose from a host of new films—all Cambodian-made.

“None of Phnom Penh’s theaters are showing foreign mo­vies,” said Korm Chanthy, director of French Cambodian In­ter­national Productions, “All of them have been showing Cam­bo­­­dian movies since Saturday last week.”

Korm Chanthy, like other filmmakers, said he is excited by so many Cambodian productions. “Even though I have to compete with other productions, I am very proud to see Cambodian movies showing at Cambodian theaters.”

Despite worries of increased competition, tickets sales are high, said Ung Sok San, founder of Phnom Pech Productions.

Tep Rindaro, who plays the title role in “Kong Hean,” a Phnom Pech Productions film showing in three theaters, said, “I notice that Cambodians are starting to watch Cambodian movies, and there will be even more customers during the Water Festival.”

Moviegoers also say they are pleased with the wide selection of Cambodian films. “Showing Cam­bodian movies at all of Phnom Penh’s cinemas at the same time is an excellent event I’ve never seen before,” said An Siravaly, a university student. She added, “It’s good to challenge locally before we enter our films into competition with foreign movies.”

Kim Veng Y, a Phsar Kandal vendor, said she supports Cam­bo­dian-produced films.

“Paying 5,000 riel is not expensive,” she claimed, “And encouraging the Cambodian movie sector is our obligation.”


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