Cambodian Living Arts Gives Scholarships

Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) on Thursday awarded $30,000 worth of scholarships for the upcoming school year to 25 aspiring artists over the age of 16 from low-income households, the organization said.

“Often they don’t have the chance to further their education, and although the money might not be big, it is a lot for the students and it helps to broaden their knowledge of arts and their capacity to find a career,” Eam Solinda, CLA’s project coordinator for its scholarship program, said, adding that each student received $600 for school fees and a monthly stipend of $50 to cover other expenses. 

A committee made up of officials from the Ministry of Culture, professional artists and teachers shortlisted the students, who then had to convince a jury that the scholarship would help them find jobs in the future.

The 25 scholarship students study various musical instruments, dance and traditional chanting.

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