Cambodian immigration rules to look more like Thailand’s in 2021

The long-awaited draft proposals to reform Cambodian immigration and visa regulations, scheduled to become effective early next year, saw a chink of light yesterday when Top Sopheak, the tourism minister, addressed the press in Phnom Penh. In a nutshell, it appears the rules are likely to become more bureaucratic and expensive for the consumer, whilst offering perks to long stay tourists and expats. There are some important similarities with, and differences from, the plight of visitors to Thailand.

At present, both countries have banned leisure tourists because of the Covid-19 crisis and land borders remain closed except for the transport of goods and a limited exit-entry facility for Cambodian guest workers with employment contracts in Thailand.  Looking forward to a post Cobid-19 world, minister Sopheak said that a Special Tourist Policy (STP) would be introduced to boost tourism and investment at the same time.Another acronym to remember, folks.

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