Cambodian Follies of Ericksen and Buys

Like the Cambodian national elections they supposedly attended as “observers” in late July, the most recent attempt of Sen. Doug Ericksen and Rep. Vincent Buys to curry favor with its brutal, authoritarian dictator Hun Sen is a sham. After nearly 50 years, there is little to no chance of finding any remains of downed U.S. pilots in the overgrown Cambodian jungle. This is yet another gross political ploy.

Our Whatcom County tag team defied the U.S. President, State Department, and Congress by visiting Cambodia during the rigged July 29 election, widely condemned by the U.S. government and European Union. Despite the fact that the primary opposition political party had been banned outright from this election, Ericksen publicly praised it as “legitimate and fair,” as quoted in a Seattle Times editorial.

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