Cambodian doomsday cult ring-fenced by military

Followers of self-declared ‘heavenly god’ offered a free ride home.

About 20,000 people who fled to a remote farm to escape a prophesized global catastrophe have been ringed-fenced by military trucks and ambulances, and offered a way home amid orders from Prime Minister Hun Sen that no one is to be harmed.

“By doing this, no more people will gather, and those who are staying there should consider how long they can survive, how much food they have, whether they have access to bathrooms or not, and how the elderly people and young children are managing,” Hun Sen said.

The week-long ordeal began after Khem Veasna — a self-declared Brahma, or heavenly king, and president of the League for Democracy Party — claimed only his farm would escape global floods, which would occur by Aug. 31.

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