Cambodian Court Sentences Opposition Leader to Heavy Prison Term

Sam Rainsy and eight former CNRP officials have been accused of seeking to overthrow the Cambodian government in late 2019.

A Cambodian court has sentenced long-time opposition leader Sam Rainsy to 25 years imprisonment in absentia over an alleged plot to overthrow Prime Minister Hun Sen’s government.

According to a report in the stenographic government-aligned media outlet Fresh News, eight other exiled opposition politicians, including Rainsy’s wife Tioulong Saumura, were also sentenced to between 20 and 22 years in prison. The court also stripped Rainsy of the right to vote and stand as a candidate in an election.

The group was charged with committing an “attack liable to endanger the institutions of the Kingdom of Cambodia or violate the integrity of the national territory” under Article 451 of the Criminal Code. Among the other officials sentenced were deputy party leader Mu Sochua and senior officials Eng Chhay Eang, Men Sothavarin, Ou Chanrith, Ho Vann, Long Ry, and Nuth Romduol.

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