Cambodian beauty queen Mean Pich Rita accuses tycoon Heng Sier of attempted rape, exposing silent stigma

After Pich Rita’s allegations were live-streamed on Facebook last week, the case ignited a debate on social media. Sier, a prominent businessman, claims Pich Rita stabbed him and sought to extort money from him after they had an affair.

A high-profile court case in Cambodia involving a beauty queen and a tycoon last week set social media alight, provoking a heated debate about sexual assault, power and consent.

Mean Pich Rita, a second-year university student and a former competitor in Miss Grand Cambodia, was arrested and detained on May 8, accused of stealing an iPhone belonging to Heng Sier, a prominent businessman.

Sier, 60, has also accused Pich Rita, 20, of extorting money and stabbing him during an encounter in his car on May 4. In turn, Pich Rita claimed Sier had a gun in his car and accused him of sexual assault and attempting to rape her.

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