Cambodia refutes rumors of global floods on biblical scale

Thousands of superstitious Cambodians are seeking refuge on a mountain farm near Angkor Wat temple.

About 15,000 people are being urged to return home after they flocked to a mountain retreat in Cambodia’s remote west, near the famed temples of Angkor Wat, to escape a catastrophic global flood predicted by the leader of a local political party.

Khem Veasna, president of the League for Democracy Party (LDP) told his followers on Aug. 26 in a Facebook post that the entire world was bracing for ‘the most catastrophic flood’ and only his farm, on higher ground south of Phnom Kulen, would be spared from the tragedy.

One source close to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) told UCAN that “Noah’s Ark type rumors” were also circulating among Cambodian workers in South Korea where “many of them” were trying to board flights home before the calamity erupts.

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