Cambodia ‘Pet’ Lion Returned To Chinese Owner In July, Spotted In Streets Of Phnom Penh

“If anything goes wrong, he guarantees to be responsible before the law," Nheb Rattanak Pich, director of Phnom Tamao Zoo and Wildlife Rescue Center had said.

The famous ‘pet lion’ owned by a wealthy Chinese national, which was confiscated in June by the Cambodian authorities and later returned after Cambodian PM’s intervention was spotted once again wandering the streets of Phnom Penh unsupervised early Tuesday morning.

The 18-month-old declawed male lion became the centre of controversy after Cambodian officials said that it was “illegally smuggled” into the country.

An inquiry was set up in April after the lion, residing at a villa in the capital, Phnom Penh, was popularised via the TikTok videos, which came to the notice of the Cambodian police. 

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