Cambodia, Myanmar ‘Cyber-slaves’ Are Being Recruited Globally, Research Finds

The global scope of the cyber-scam operations based in the two Southeast Asian countries is only now starting to becoming clear.

If a job offer in Cambodia or Myanmar sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Young, educated people from around the world are being tricked into relocating to Southeast Asia, where they find themselves locked in compounds and working round the clock as online scammers. Once on the treadmill, the only purpose of the scammers is to generate as much money as fast as possible.

Failure to hit profit targets, or any attempt to escape, lead to brutal punishments. The scams which they are forced to carry out are called “pig butchering,” the idea being to fatten up an online victim before devouring them. The financial victims of the online scams, which revolve around illusory promises of love and companionship, are global. Lonely hearts around the world have been tricked out of amounts of up to $1 million, and some have even sold their houses once they get sucked into a false mental universe.

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