Cambodia lowers cash deposit for Covid-19 service charges from foreign travellers to US$2,000

The Cambodian government has reduced the cash deposit for the Covid-19 service charges from foreign travellers from US$3,000 to $2,000, according to its statement on Monday 9 (Aug 3).

The statement said foreign travellers are required to deposit $2,000 by cash or credit card upon their arrival at international airports in Cambodia, which will be used to cover hotel accommodation cost while waiting for Coivd-19 test results, medical examination, local transportation cost from the airport to a reserved hotel and expenses during a quarantine period in case that any fellow travellers are tested positive for Covid-19.

Before coming to Cambodia, foreign travelers must have a 72 hours “Covid-19 free” health certificate and must purchase a local health insurance package for Covid-19 treatment, with a cost of $90 that is valid for 20 days, it said, adding that this insurance package can be purchased from local Forte Insurance Company that can be reached through:

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