Cambodia Joins Treaty To Protect Trademarks

Cambodia last week became the 95th member of the Madrid System, an international agreement that allows businesses to register their trademarks in more than 110 countries, according to a statement posted to the website of the U.N.’s World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

On Thursday, Cambodia joined the Madrid protocol—a revised treaty the Madrid System functions under—after the Commerce Ministry submitted its “instrument of accession” to WIPO director general Francis Gurry, the statement says.

“With this accession, the Madrid System provides Cambodian brand owners the potential to protect their products through one international application covering more than 110 countries,” it says.

Officials at the Commerce Ministry could not be reached Sunday.

According to the WIPO statement, the Madrid System “simplifies the process of multinational trademark registration by reducing the requirement to file an application at the intellectual property office in each country in which protection is sought.”

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