Cambodia is asking tourists to put down a $3,000 ‘coronavirus deposit’ that covers fees if they get sick

It's worth noting that if one person on a flight tests positive, the rest of the passengers have to quarantine for 14 days at an estimated cost of $1,281 per person (this would be deducted from each traveler's deposit), according to the Ministry of Health.

As many countries have started reopening their borders to tourists, some places, like Sicily, are enticing visitors with discounted flights, while others, like Mexico, are offering free overnight stays. Greece is cutting taxes on transportation to make travel there less expensive.

Cambodia seems to be taking a slightly different approach, as authorities recently announced that they will be requiring a $3,000 coronavirus deposit of sorts from international travelers, as well as proof of health insurance valued at a minimum of $50,000.

It’s worth noting that nonessential travel is still not recommended in many places, such as in the US, where the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns against it. If you do choose to travel, it’s best to check the CDC’s travel recommendations for each country.

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