Cambodia has reopened – but travellers have to pay a $3,000 deposit

Fees and any treatment costs including a mandatory Covid-19 test on arrival will be deducted from the total.

In a bid to revitalise their struggling tourism industries, many major destinations are going all-out to incentivise travellers to return to their shores over the coming weeks and months.

Iceland is paying for you to be tested on arrival. Sicily has pledged to subsidise your flights and accommodation. And Cyprus has said it will refund your holiday if you catch Covid-19.

Cambodia, however, is taking a very different approach. The south-east Asian country started reopening its borders in late May, but since June 11, it’s also been asking travellers to pay a $3,000 (£2,420, A$4,340) deposit to cover any ’rona-related costs they might rack up while on holiday.

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