Cambodia Energy Chiefs Tied to U.S. Property Worth $5 Million

A father and son have pulled the strings in Cambodia’s energy policy for the past two decades, and during that time their family have acquired several million dollars’ worth of real estate and farmland in the U.S. states of Florida and Georgia.

The father, Ith Praing, has held sway at Cambodia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy for even longer than the country’s strongman leader Hun Sen has been prime minister. Appointed vice-minister in 1984, 10 years later he was promoted to secretary of state for energy within the ministry and has held on to the post ever since.

His eldest son, Praing Chulasa, followed in his father’s footsteps into Cambodia’s energy sector. Today, he is deputy managing director Electricite du Cambodge (EdC), where his duties include overseeing procurement contracts worth millions of dollars.

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