Cambodia draws ire for steep Covid-19 charges on foreign arrivals

Fears have been raised among tourism players that a stringent set of Covid-19 testing fees for foreigners arriving in Cambodia will deter incoming visitors and hamper the country’s road to recovery.

On Thursday, the government announced all international arrivals must leave a US$3,000 upfront deposit in either cash or through a credit card to cover the costs of any coronavirus testing. Of that sum, US$165 will go towards paying for a Covid-19 test at a facility close to the airport, as well as one night’s accommodation and food while waiting for results.

If anyone on the plane arriving into the country tests positive, all passengers will be forced into a 14-day quarantine at a cost of up to US$1,276. If an individual tests positive, up to US$3,550 will be charged for 14 days treatment and quarantine.

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