Cambodia Daily’s Coverage of US’s Presidential Race is Biased

Although The Cambodia Daily often criticizes the biased nature of much of local media, I note that its own coverage of the current U.S. presidential race is entirely one-sided.

—Letter to the Editor—

Almost every day, an article or cartoon is published that is critical of, or even derogatory to, Donald Trump (see headline “Thais’ Reaction to Coups Demonstrates How to Defeat Trump,” August 4).

Conversely, articles dealing with his opponent, Hillary Clinton, are merely explanatory or even triumphal, despite her many faults.

It is obvious that The Cambodia Daily does not like Mr. Trump. However, in constantly ridiculing him, the newspaper is also ridiculing—and showing itself superior to—the many Americans who voted him to his current position.

I am not American, have minimal interest in American politics, and am not in a position to give an opinion about either candidate, but would like to read balanced journalism on the topic.

Perhaps I should stop reading The Cambodia Daily and turn to the Cambodian press?

Robert Dagge
Phnom Penh

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