Cambodia Charges 16 Crewmembers Suspected of Violating North Korea Sanctions

Authorities in Cambodia Thursday officially charged 16 crewmembers of a ship suspected in breaking sanctions on North Korea that anchored in Cambodian waters last week after being expelled from Taiwan.

The Courageous, a Cameroonian-registered tanker, is believed to have engaged in ship-to-ship transfers of oil and other banned goods to North Korea in violation of UNSC resolutions 2375 and 2397, which established sanctions on Pyongyang that would limit North Korea’s ability to acquire cash and resources to funnel into its nuclear program.

The 16 crewmembers were charged by Sihanoukville Provincial Court Judge Kuon Chantha with violating both Article 29 of Cambodia’s Immigration Law, which forbids entering Cambodia clandestinely or by fraud or through any illegal means; and Articles 11 and 74 of the Law on Customs, which forbids smuggling.

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