Cambodia believes Russia to be friend and is set for cooperation

This was expressed by Suos Yara, a member of the Cambodian National Assembly.

Moscow – Cambodia believes Russia to be a friend and intends to develop bilateral cooperation, said Suos Yara, a member of the Cambodian National Assembly and a member of the Central Committee of the ruling People’s Party, at a meeting with TASS Director General Sergei Mikhailov.

“Russia is a friend that can be trusted and cooperated with,” he said, addressing with a request to help improve Cambodia’s image, calling it “a country of peace, tourism and investments.”

The main problem is that ordinary people know little about Cambodia, Mikhailov said. “People should see the beauty of this wonderful country without going there,” he said, suggesting that some visual projects should be implemented and photo exhibitions should be organized, along with the screening of films on Days of Cambodia in Moscow. TASS’ director general suggested Cambodia’s authorities should organize press tours for journalists and bloggers. “TASS is ready to head and organize the work,” Mikhailov stressed.

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