Cambodia bans dog meat trade in ‘lynchpin’ town

Tourist town of Siem Reap becomes first province in country to stop sales in ‘huge milestone for animal welfare’.

Siem Reap, one of the most popular tourist towns in Southeast Asia, has become the first province in Cambodia to ban the dog meat trade in a victory for animal rights activists who called the area a “lynchpin” of the industry.

An investigation by international animal rights group Four Paws found a “dedicated dog slaughterhouse” and five holding and trading areas in Siem Reap, as well as 21 restaurants serving an estimated 2,900 dogs per month in the city.

Authorities in the province, where the famous Angkor Wat temple is located, announced the ban on Tuesday. The provincial agricultural department said in a statement that the dog meat trade had descended into “anarchy” in recent years, causing rabies and other diseases to spread from region to region.

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