French Firm To Study Tram Project for Capital

The French power plant and high-speed train manufacturer Al­stom will study the possibility of building a commuter tramway network in Phnom Penh, officials said Monday.

“We have allowed them to conduct a study to build a tramway around the city,” Deputy Phnom Penh Governor Pa Socheatvong said Monday. “We don’t have de­tails yet since the study has not yet begun.”

With annual sales of nearly $21 billion, Alstom tested the world’s fastest train in April, a French TGV which recorded a top speed of 574.8 kph, and boasts of having manufactured a third of the world’s trams.

Pa Socheatvong said the tram system was expected to link central Phnom Penh with the city’s outlying areas but declined to confirm a possible airport link, as reported Saturday by Rasmei Kampuchea Daily.

Deputy Phnom Penh Gover­nor Chreang Sophan said the transit network would ease traffic congestion. “If there is a new railway, it will help to reduce the traffic jams and reduce the number of vehicles,” he said.

Siem Reap Provincial Governor Sou Phirin said he was also going to meet with Alstom on Wednes­day to discuss the possibility of constructing a tram in Siem Reap town.

“This is a good plan because it will make it easier for tourists, re­duce traffic congestion and protect the environment—and it is faster,” he said.

Alstom’s Bangkok office did not respond to requests for comment Monday.


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