Brothers Had to Be Homeschooled After District Ignored Racist Bullying by Student Mob, Lawsuit Claims

Kameron and Noah Evans, who were adopted from Cambodia, say they faced years of physical and verbal racist attacks at their Arkansas high school, which is 87.5 percent white.

Two students who were adopted from Cambodia say they endured so much racist bullying at their Arkansas high school—including threats from an “angry mob” of students—that they were forced to withdraw and be homeschooled, according to a federal lawsuit.

The 22-page complaint filed last week by Kameron and Noah Evans alleges that the brothers were bullied at Cabot High School, which is 87.5 percent white, over their “appearance, race, ethnicity, perceived religious beliefs, and beliefs about the need for racial justice.”

During the 2017-2018 school year, the boys’ last in the Cabot School District, 98 percent of the teachers in the district were white, according to the lawsuit, which was first reported by the Arkansas Times. The lawsuit names as defendants Cabot School District, its superintendent Tony Thurman, and the high-school principal, Henry Hawkins.

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