Brothers Charged Over Attack on Kampot Traffic Cops

Two brothers on Thursday appeared before the Kampot Provincial Court and were charged with obstructing public officials after they crashed a van through a police traffic checkpoint in the province’s Chhuk district and then beat up the officers who fined them.

Investigating Judge Hang Sokunvathana said Se To, 29, and his younger brother Se Ya, 26, were sent to the provincial prison after the charges were laid.

“After questioning them this afternoon, we decided to charge them with obstruction of public officials following Article 503 of the criminal code,” Judge Sokunvathana said.

Under the article, the brothers face one to three months in prison and a fine of up to 500,000 riel (about $125) if found guilty. Although police were not taking sides in the matter, deputy provincial police chief Mao Chanmathurith said he was glad the brothers had been put behind bars.

“The suspects must be in jail because they attacked public officials,” Brigadier General Chanmathurith said.

“We did not take the side of our officers; we did the case following the law, and if our police officials committed a crime, they would have faced the law, too.”

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