Brand Trousers Seized After Container Heist

A band of thieves hijacked a container truck filled with 10,000 Puma-brand pants on Thursday in Kompong Speu province, but were forced to abandon the loot in a forest after police caught up to them, military police said on Sunday.

Vin Lenghuong, the chief of Samraong Tong district’s military police, said officers had pursued the thieves into the woods on Thursday after a tipoff from local residents.

They saw five or six men in the forest in Tompoa Meas commune, but the suspects escaped the scene as police approached, Mr. Leng­huong said.

“The goods had been taken out of the container truck, which had left the scene already,” he said. “The suspects escaped deeper into the wood, leaving the pants and a small truck they had arranged for further transporting the pants.”

Mr. Lenghuong said the smaller truck was being kept at the district military police station, while the pants were picked up on Saturday by the company that owned them. He declined to name the firm or specify whether it was the manufacturer of the pants. He did not know where the container truck was or the value of the cargo.

National military police spokes­man Eng Hy said district military police were investigating the case further while their national-level colleagues were preparing a report for the provincial court.

“The district military police are searching for other information related to this case—the company who owns the products, where they were from and where they were going,” he said.

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