Border Road Contemplated

Thailand and Cambodia are discussing a proposal to repair the road from Poipet at the Thai border to Siem Reap.

A Thai Embassy official said a deal has already been reached for the 154-km Poipet-Sis­­o­­phon segment of the project, but the Thais are still waiting for the Cambo­dian proposal for the Sisophon-Siem Reap segment.

“If Cambodia is interested, we are ready to help and we will provide some funds,” she said.

The Thai newspaper The Na­tion reported Sunday that the total project will cost $22 million.

Both countries stand to benefit from an improved road, which will enable the Thai tourist industry to provide fast, inexpensive access to Angkor Wat, Cambo­dia’s only World Heri­tage site.

The Nation also reported that the two governments are discussing a similar project for the Preah Vihear temple on the Thai border.


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