Boeng Kak Evictees Protest at Singapore Embassy

A small group of evictees from Phnom Penh’s Boeng Kak neighborhood protested in front of the Singapore Embassy Monday morning against a Singaporean company’s plan to buy a plot of land inside the neighborhood, from which they say they were pushed out illegally.

Some 3,000 families have been evicted from Boeng Kak since 2008 to make way for a high-end real estate project by a private firm belonging to CPP Senator Lao Meng Khin.

In August, the Singapore-based HLH Group announced that a wholly owned subsidiary was planning to buy a 1.35 hectare plot on the site for $14.9 million for an office tower, luxury condos and retail space.

“We do not want them to buy the land because it is disputed land and the dispute has not been settled yet, so we want you to take your money back,” said Sear Nareth, one of about 15 evictees who joined the protest.

An embassy representative who declined to give her name or title came out to take the protesters’ letter and said the delegation would “look into it.”

HLH says the deal is not yet finalized and that a legal review would take several months.

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