Bodyguard Unit Official Implicated in Hit-and-Run

Two young sisters were seriously injured in Preah Vihear province on Monday when a Land Cruiser driver identified as a bodyguard unit official struck the motorcycle they were riding on, then sped away, police said Tuesday.

The sisters, aged 16- and nine-years-old, sustained head injuries after the SUV plowed into them in Preah Vihear City, according to Kong Kea, the city’s deputy police chief.

Mr. Kea said that after the accident, the suspect left his car at a private garage before fleeing.

“We are still looking for the suspect who drove the car that crashed into the moto,” he said Tuesday morning.

However, contacted later in the day, Mr. Kea said the identity of the driver had been ascertained, but that a story should not be published on the hit-and-run because the suspect was “an official at the bodyguard unit” and had sent a representative to negotiate a settlement with the girls’ family.

“[The suspect] is an official at the bodyguard unit. Please do not publish this story. He called me back. You do not publish this story, because both sides have coordinated with each other already,” Mr. Kea said. He declined to elaborate on which bodyguard unit the driver belonged to.

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