Bodyguard Arrested for Firing Gun at Restaurant

Military police arrested the bodyguard of a high-ranking government official for shooting his gun into the air while drunk at a restaurant in Phnom Penh’s Daun Penh district on Saturday night, officials said.

Khy Tharakprachok, 33, fired his handgun once at the 3M Restaurant in Phsar Thmei III commune, according to military police spokesman Eng Hy.

He said the man worked as a security guard for a high-ranking official, but declined to say who. Deputy district police chief Ly Kimleng said the bodyguard’s friends had encouraged him to fire his weapon.

“The man shot his gun because his friends dared him to, saying ‘If you dare to shoot your gun, you should shoot it,” he said.

Mr. Kimleng said that another group of men showed up to try to prevent Mr. Tharakprachok from being detained, but military police managed to take him to their headquarters.

Deputy municipal military police chief Khen Sovann said that because no one was injured, Mr. Tharakprachok would not be charged with a crime.

“Now we have educated him and punished him according to military rule,” he said, hanging up on a reporter before explaining why.

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