Boat Racing Not Banned During Water Festival: PM

Prime Minister Hun Sen said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that boat racing will be allowed in Phnom Penh during next week’s water festival, but that the races would not be officially overseen.

On October 31, the government announced the cancellation of this year’s festival due to low water levels.

However, Mr. Hun Sen’s message on Wednesday explained that many elements of the event would go ahead.

“The river’s water level by this time has receded so much that it is unsafe for formal boat racing,” he wrote.

“But if the people or any voluntary groups have the ability to organize boat racing, there won’t be any ban, but also they have to be responsible for their own safety.”

The prime minister also said there would be concerts throughout the city during the festival, which runs from November 24 to 26.

“The government will organize concerts for people…at some places such as Wat Phnom, Wat Botum Park, and Koh Pich as well as live TV shows and fireworks,” he wrote.

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