Bellwether Khmer Rouge Case Heads to Court on November 27

The sign outside Meas Muth’s house is very clear. The house, shielded from the outside world by high walls and fencing, is by far the largest in Ta Sanh commune, in the northwestern province of Battambang.

The wooden sign is tied to the metal fencing. On it are the words “DO NOT Disturb”, pieces of rope used to create the letters. And Meas Muth’s wife seems to be the enforcer of that diktat.

As a VOA Khmer reporter attempted to enter the compound to speak to the former Khmer Rouge naval commander last week, Meas Khim, his wife, walked from the kitchen and said there was “no need to meet him.” Towards the back of the house, Meas Muth could be seen walking away.

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