Before Her Arrest, Khmer Thavrak Activist Spoke of Jail, Love for Nation

When So Metta began joining protests with the youth activists calling themselves Khmer Thavrak, she thought of a quote from slain political analyst Kem Ley, who said that those who do social work in Cambodia will be given a “visa” from officials to one of three destinations: fleeing the country, jail or death.

“Before joining, I was determined, because in all of this work we have to face [the consequences],” she told VOD at a coffee shop about 15 km outside the city center on Thursday morning. “If we do not go to prison, we will die or have to flee the country.”

Kem Ley’s words ring especially true now that she joined three of the group’s members in state custody on Monday evening, arrested after participating in a 50-person protest for the release of other jailed activists and dissidents.

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