Beehive Radio Station for Sale

After a failed bid for a National Assembly seat in the July 26 election, popular radio host Mam Sonando has decided to put his Beehive Radio station up for sale.

“I tried my best but people did not support me,” the president of the Bee Hive Democratic Society Party said Tuesday. “I don’t blame them because they did not ask me to enter politics…but how can I continue the station if the listeners and the speakers don’t agree?”

His decision to sell the two-year-old station was not solely based on his showing in the polls, he said, adding there were financial considerations involved. He would not give details on the station’s balance sheets, but said it has not been profitable because of his policy not to accept advertising from tobacco or alcohol companies.

Abeille FM105 kicked off in June 1996, with $20,000 worth of broadcast equipment featuring a tri-lingual format of Khmer, French and English interviews and commentaries, international pop and Khmer folk music.

But with the launch of his like-named political party late last year, the 56-year-old entrepreneur also began to rail on air against government corruption and the status quo.

Bee Hive eventually fielded 105 candidates in 15 provinces, but like the other small parties running in the election, failed to make a showing and garnered about 14,000 votes nationwide.

Four days ago, Mam Sonando said, he decided to announce he would be open to offers. He would not disclose what he believes the station is worth but said so far he has not received any offers.

For the moment he is also keeping his future business plans secret. He plans to start a new bus­iness, and while keeping mum on what sector, said it is one that will keep him in the public eye.


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