Bayer, WHO To Cooperate On Malaria Drug Treatment

Drug developer Bayer will join with the World Health Organ­ization to develop a malaria treatment regime, according to a news service following chemical developments.

The drug company and the world health agency have forged an agreement, “which includes financing by private funds and foundations, will involve Bayer developing a drug based on artemison,” according to the Chemical Business Newsbase.

Bayer has already patented the drug artemison, which was developed in cooperation with Hong Kong University, the news service said.

“Preliminary results show that artemison is more effective, acts more quickly, and causes fewer side effects than other known preparations,” the news service reported.

Cambodian WHO officials were unavailable for comment on the new drug. Cambodia, though, uses combination drug therapy to fight malaria, which killed more than 400 Cambo­dians last year. Cambodia uses the drugs mefloquine and artesunate to kill the parasite, which has developed a resistance to other drugs.

Cambodian health experts say that providing two different types of access to the drug make it more likely people will use it, and use it properly.


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