Audit Law Nears Completion

National Assembly members will vote this week on the final touches to a much-touted new law meant to combat corruption, Assembly Deputy Secretary-General Chan Ven said Friday.

The new audit law calls for the government to set up an independent body to oversee all the government’s financial activities.

When it was passed by the assembly last January, the move was hailed by parliamentarians on all sides of government as a strike against official corruption.

This week lawmakers will vote on a proposed amendment to Article 40 of the law, which the Constitutional Council has complained is unconstitutional.

Under the existing article, the National Assembly’s permanent committee may appoint a second auditing body if the first auditing body is found to have acted irregularly.

The Constitutional Council called for an amendment, saying that an additional overseeing body should be approved by the full assembly rather than only the permanent committee.

The assembly will also vote on whether to accept the party-nominated candidates to the three-person body.

The candidate for chief auditor is Ambassador to Australia Chheang Vun (CPP). Funcinpec Parliamentarians Senator Chea Peng and Sam Raingsek are candidates for deputy auditors. The appointments require a two-thirds majority.

Parliamentarians are next scheduled to debate appointments of new secretaries of state to the Ministries of Interior, Justice, Parliamentary Relations and Cults and Religions, Chan Ven said.

The more controversial communal administration and election laws are next on the agenda. They are expected to be debated in early August, Chan Van said.


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